Before Surgery:

  1. Have all of your prescriptions filled – start taking the antibiotic the day before surgery with food and continuing until the entire supply is complete
  2. Arrange for  transportation to and from the office day of surgery
  3. No ibuprofen or naproxen for three days prior to surgery
  4. No fish oil or aspirin for one week prior to surgery  
  5. Avoid alcohol 72 hours before and after surgery


Day of Surgery:

  1. Eat a light meal prior to your arrival
  2. Wear dark, loose fitted clothing 
  3. Bring all of the prescribed medications with you to office


After Surgery:

  1. Bed rest is helpful for at least one full day
  2. Take medication as prescribed and indicated
  3. The garment should be worn day and night for 6 weeks (imperative to your healing)
  4. Stitch removal is scheduled 6-10 days after surgery


Things You Should Know:

  1. You will drain – Dr. Iqbal will leave some incision sites open for drainage. The drainage will be the excess numbing fluid leaving your body. Do not be alarmed if it is pink/red tinted. 
  2. You will want to line any areas the patient will be resting with bed pads to absorb the drainage (car, bed, couch) 
  3. You can take a shower 48-72 hours after your procedure – make sure the incisions are dry and your drainage has stopped
    1.  NO baths or swimming pools for 2 weeks
  4. Additional garments can be purchased – but is advised to wait until after stitch removal in case or needing a smaller size
  5. It is best not to remove garment for 24 hours after surgery, if you really have to, please put it back on ASAP. 
  6. Slight hardness/tightness is normal after GPS Liposuction – thought to be a proceeding factor for ultimate skin tightening 
  7. Swelling– Some degree of swelling (including the pubic area in cases involving lower abdomen) is normal.  Please report excessive swelling.


If you experience:

  1. Constipation – stool softeners may be taken (opt – milk of magnesia)
  2. Nausea – take prescribed Zofran as directed.
  3. Itching – Zyrtec can be taken during the day, and Benadryl can be taken at night 
  4. Fever/chills/ foul-smelling drainage – please call the office to let Dr. Iqbal know


Items to Have:

  1. Kotex – pads
  2. Puppy/bed pads
  3. Medical Tape
  4. Shower curtain  (optional)Arnicare- pills & gel (optional)                                                                         

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