The time has come, the kids are gone and the house is empty. You finally have time for yourself but,  you’ve changed and we’re here for that. Get some of that time back with sexual wellness and restoration treatments. 

Make SEX great AGAIN with FemTouch®

The world’s largest energy-based medical device company, offers FemTouch™ an innovative CO₂ laser treatment that is applied along the vaginal walls, delivering a very gentle controlled ablation and coagulation of the vaginal lining. 

During the treatment you may experience a minor heating sensation, as FemTouch™ is an extremely gentle and comfortable procedure. The procedure requires 2-4 out-patient sessions only lasting a few minutes each. This will provide optimal results and achieve the desired outcome of vaginal tissue.

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Chattanooga’s QUEEN of HEARTS

Sara has devoted her life to women’s health, as an OB/GYN RN. After decades in labor and delivery, she shifted her talents to Med-Aesthetics. As an advocate for “A healthy life after motherhood“, she focuses on helping women adapt to the postpartum changes in their sexual health. From face and body transformations, to vaginal rejuvenation, she’s here with the purpose to support and educate her community.  However, Sara didn’t earn her crown in the operating room, she has designed the perfect face refresher called “The Five of Hearts. An aesthetic procedure to slow aging and even turn back time. Compared to a liquid facelift, she uses a combination of fillers and relaxers throughout the entire face, to reinforce bone loss, revive volume and rehydrate the face.


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