Euro Med Spa Facials 2023

Seasonal Facial $85 (1hr)

Pumpkin, Cranberry or Cherry from A. N.D. (comes in kits)
Cleansing, Enzymatic mask,
Light extractions, if client has cystic acne, the massage is not advisable
Massage 8-10 min
Products to recommend:
PCA Hydrating serums for dehydrated skin, ExLinea for under eye area
ColoreScience Flex, All Calm/ All Even, Total Eye
Services to recommend:
Depending on skin condition we recommend Laser Genesis, IPL if redness, broken capillaries or hyperpigmentation present; Microneedling for all skin types.

Clarifying facial for oily, blemished skin $95 (50 min)

Cleansing (PCA facial wash for oily, problem or RA Beta cleanse)
Enzymatic mask (PCA papaya, pumpkin or RA papaya or cherry)
Clarifying treatment (PCA clarifying mask, detox mask, clay to absorb extra oil or RA rosemary basil)
Serum (PCA Acne serum, hydrating serum)
Moisturizer (PCA Clear skin)
Products to recommend:
PCA Blemish Control Bar or Benz Peroxide wash, acne serum, acne cream, clear skin moisturizer
ColoreScience spfs especially All Calm
Services to recommend:                                                                                             Hydrafacial, IPL, Microneedling for scarring

Facial Dermaplaning $75 (or $40 if added on to a facial)

Not recommended for clients with cystic acne or  active herpes simplex

Facial European $95 (60 min)

PCA or RA Products (except PCA and RA peels)
Analyzing skin
Aromatherapy + Enzyme + Steam
Hand Massage
Toner PCA or RA
Skin Treatments (PCA serums or RA -10 peptides)
Moisturizer, SPF

RA Customized Facial $149

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