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Euro Med Spa’s 13+ program was designed for people struggling with problematic skin, due to hormonal changes.

Our experts believe skin regiments are important at every age. We provide a series of solutions for acne, stretch marks, and healthy glowing skin. At Euro Med Spa, our team of experts focus on solving the concerns that develop over time and exposure to the elements of life.

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Acne Happens

Acne is normal at any age and often temporary. Together, we use a series of treatments, trials, and training to support your journey through problematic skin conditions.

Hair Everywhere?

Body positivity is a core value at Euro Med Spa, but so is functionality and practicality. Excessive body hair can be pesky and time consuming when it comes to the healthy management of your daily routine. We have solutions that minimize and eliminate body hair concerns.

Stretch Marks – Pox Marks – Scars

Body positivity is a core value at Euro Med Spa, but so is confidence. Scars, stretch marks, pox marks and discolorations can make or break how you feel in that new festival outfit. We have solutions that minimize skin texture and damage.

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